Are the Elder Bushes Officially the Greatest Old People in the World?


It’s time to seriously evaluate whether there is a more likable elderly couple currently living on planet Earth than the soft-spoken, gentlemanly George H.W. Bush and his sharp firecracker of a wife, Barbara. Their broad appeal derives not just from their charming personas, but also from their moderate brand of Republicanism, one that’s largely absent from politics nowadays. It’s a philosophy that informs their thoughts on Sarah Palin (in short, please stay in Alaska) and allows them to offer warm, effusive praise for President Obama and Bill Clinton, as they did on Larry King Live last night. “On a personal basis, I’m very strongly impressed,” H.W. said of Obama. “And he’s a decent, decent man.” Barbara, meanwhile, claimed that “you can’t dislike Bill Clinton.” Where have you people been? Can we put you back in the White House?