Breaking: 16-Year-Old Willow Palin Has the Maturity Level of a 16-Year-Old


On Sunday night, one of the 5 million people watching the premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska was a peer of the Palin children. He didn’t think much of the show and noted on Facebook that it was “failing soo hard.” This comment quickly attracted the attention of Dancing With the Stars juggernaut Bristol Palin, her 16-year-old sister, Willow, and, it seems, approximately half of Alaska’s under-30 population. The sisters Palin defended their family’s good name with passion, but sometimes too much passion. Willow, as today’s Internet headlines trumpet, at one point called the Palin critic a “faggot” and “so gay.” In other words, she’s about as immature and insensitive as most other high schoolers in America. Hopefully her mom will sit Willow down and explain to her that, as a Palin, she has to set a good example. The next time someone is bothering her, the more appropriate thing to do would be to imply that he is secretly a Muslim.

Willow Palin Facebook Posts: Homophobic Slurs, Curse Words & More (PHOTOS) [HuffPo]