Chicago Morning News Anchors Sad About Explosion, Their Lives


When something goes wrong in front of a camera, people are tested. Some go berserk, like Bill O’Reilly famously did back in his Inside Edition days. Some try to pluckily push on despite hardship, like when Meredith Vieira really hurt herself while ice skating with Will Ferrell. And some, like WGN9 in Chicago’s Robin Baumgarten and Larry Potash, respond by revealing how they really feel under all that pancake makeup and hairspray: dead on the inside. When, after waiting several minutes for a local bridge to explode on live camera this morning, producers cut away to the weather just as the event actually happened. Chaos and frustration erupted. Instead of having a ready replay of the event, producers just let Baumgarten and Potash moan and wheeze for a couple more minutes about the shoddiness of their own show. “This is a metaphor for our show,” someone off-camera lamented: “Another crash and burn.”