Chris Christie May Grudgingly Run for President in 2016


Maybe David Gregory hadn't heard that Chris Christie threatened to kill himself just to prove to reporters once and for all that he won't run for president in 2012. Or maybe Gregory just didn't care about the New Jersey governor's precarious emotional state. Because yesterday, Christie was forced by the Meet the Press host to deny, once again, in Shermanesque terms, that there's any possibility he'll join the 2012 presidential race. He seemed pretty excited about the possibility of seeking the nation's highest office in 2016, however.

"I'm gonna need a job, David, after 2013, you know? And so whether it's going to be being governor of New Jersey or do something else, I have four kids between 7 and 17, I'm working the rest of my life anyway, so, it's going to be doing something, David, so maybe it'll be that, who knows?"

Okay, maybe not "excited about." More like "resigned to," in order to pay the bills.