Columbia Is Now Paying Its Students to Talk to One Another


In the Columbia University of Gossip Girl, students can’t get out of one another’s — and their teachers’ — faces. But in the Columbia of the real world, apparently so little interpersonal face time is actually going on that a group of residential advisers has cooked up a scheme to pay students to actually talk to one another. In the game, a gang of “password holders” will be chosen each week. The managers of “The Social Experiment” (which is actually what it’s called) will then post a new prompt on their website every day. When you say this “prompt” to a “password holder,” they’ll tell you the password. Whoever gathers the most correct passwords in a week will win $500.

Seems awfully complicated. Couldn’t they just remind students that talking to new people is the easiest way to initiate sex with new people?

‘The Social Experiment’ will force you to be nice to people [Columbia Spectator via IvyGate]