Incoming Congressmen Brave Skinny Sofas, Slippage in Order to Appear Frugal


In an effort to prove to their constituents that they moved to Washington, D.C., for work and not the city’s varied and thrilling nightlife and entertainment options, at least 15 percent of incoming congressmen plan to sleep in their offices rather than take apartments in the nation’s capital, the Journal reports. There are downsides to this, mainly discomfort, especially if you are too tall or too fat to fit comfortably on a sofa, and being seen without your makeup (“I’m not the prettiest thing to look at first thing in the morning,” GOP representative-elect Steve Womack worries). And if you’re comfortable with those things, your personal habits may still make your fellow representatives uncomfortable.

Just wait till he finds out Griffin doesn’t wear a robe.

Pajama Party: New to Congress, Many Members Plan to Sleep Over [WSJ]
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