Deli Worker: My Best Four Loko Customers Are High-School Kids


Sometimes kids come in before school,” Alex Janeder, a worker at his family’s deli in Crown Heights, tells the Daily News. “They buy them like crazy.” “Them” meaning cans of Four Loko, the controversial caffeine-and-alcohol beverage that will be banned in New York starting December 10. Janeder himself is 19, which perhaps explains not only why he’s willing to sell an alcoholic beverage to kids he knows are underage, but also why he feels comfortable telling a newspaper about it. Janeder is one of many convenience-store workers who are psyched to see the drinks go. (Apparently high-school students should just stick to Olde English and Colt 45, like God intended.) But one bodega employee, Larissa Castro, predicted a dark result of the state ban: the Black Market. “They’ll start selling it out on the street!” she warned the News. Of course they will! Because when kids go to that scary-looking guy on the corner to buy something that gives them a rush of energy and makes them do crazy things, they’re definitely looking to buy a fruity beverage.

NY bodega owners happy to see potent Four Loko brew ban put into effect [NYDN]