Dell Releases Plan to Throw Away 25,000 BlackBerrys


The endless battle for mobile supremacy now includes Dell, which announced that it would be moving its 25,000 employees from the BlackBerry to the new Dell Venue Pro (which is powered by Windows). This kicks off their attempt to march through the wallets of corporate America. According to the Journal the company will also “begin marketing a service to its business clients within two weeks aimed at helping them make a similar switch.”

RIM, which makes BlackBerry, has been desperately trying to hold on to its share of businesses by offering “free server software in February for small- and medium-sized companies worried about costs.” The Canadian company can’t be happy about this move by Dell, whose CFO put it this way: “We’re kicking them out.”

Dell to Ditch 25,000 BlackBerrys in Bid to Promote Own Service [WSJ]