Democrats Already Blaming the White House


Hey, when you lose 55 or so seats in the House and eight in the Senate — educated guesses — you have to blame someone, right? Someone besides yourselves, or the economy? So who better to blame than the White House, which never found a message that resonated with swing voters. Now "some high-level Democrats" want Obama to "remake his inner circle or even fire top advisers" because of it, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Among the complaints: Mr. Obama conveyed an incoherent message that didn't express what Democrats would do over the next two years if they retain power; he focused more on his own image than helping Democratic candidates; and the White House picked the wrong battle when it attacked Republicans for using "outside" money to pay for campaigns, an issue disconnected from voters' real-world anxieties.

Not unreasonable criticisms (we made them here and here)! But it's also possible the only message that would have worked this year is, "Here are a few million permanent jobs!" which would also have had to coincide with a few million permanent jobs becoming available.

Pressure Builds on Obama to Shake Up Inner Circle [WSJ]