Democrats Win in Swing States


The glass is 10 percent full, not 90 percent empty, for the party in power. (Yes, still in power.) Michael Bennet, a rookie Democratic senator from Colorado, a bona fide tough seat, won in a squeaker. His opponent, Ken Buck, who compared being gay to addiction and possessed a theocratic streak, was another case in point of the tea party nominating someone a little too right-wing to take the Senate (see: Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle).

If Oregon is really a swing state in 2012, well, that’s bad news for Obama. But tonight, a small moment of post-apocalyptic celebration for Dems, as John Kitzhaber wins the race for governor. He beat former basketball pro Chris Dudley, who was (in a good way) perhaps the NBA’s dorkiest player.

Colorado Senate: Michael Bennet Takes Razor Thin Victory
[CBS News]
Chris Dudley concedes loss of Oregon governor’s race to John Kitzhaber [Oregonian]