Float-Crashing Beauty Queen Did It for the Story


Yesterday, the Post reported that Miss New York, Davina Reeves, climbed onto Miss USA’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float uninvited. Was it a desperate and obvious bid for celebrity? Yes. Today, Davina Reeves, on the cover of the New York Post, confirms that she did it for attention. But perhaps we did not give her enough credit: She also did it ‘cause she’s got moxie; she did it for the glory she’d receive in the twilight of her reign as Miss New York. She explained:

Ah, sometimes it takes a beauty queen to remind you what life’s all about: clawing at someone else’s success, publicly and illegally, until you’re removed from the parade by security. True New Yorker, this one.

Why Miss New York crashed Miss USA’s Macy’s Parade float [NYP]