Former Law & Order Star Kathryn Erbe Enters Real Courtroom


Kathryn Erbe, the former star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, broke down in tears today in Brooklyn federal court in a case against a frightening stalker who pursued her on the set of the show and over the Internet. But though Charles Nagel allegedly harassed her in person and through e-mail messages, it was a missive he sent her 14-year-old daughter that really shook Erbe. Using the alias “Momberger” (which would be hilarious in any other context, but here is rather freaky), Nagel is said to have sent the girl a picture of herself with a cockroach drawn on it, and the words, “I’m ugly!” “This is a seventh-grade graduation photograph of my daughter,” testified Erbe, according to the Post. “I’m not going to let this go on anymore … This is my daughter who is innocent and relatively defenseless.” Where is Goren when you need him??

’Law and Order’ actress got ‘bad feeling’ from accused stalker [NYP]