Georgia Bloomberg Fell From a Horse, Suffered a Concussion, and Cracked Her Spine


The mayor’s 27-year-old daughter, a professional horse-jumper, was competing in the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament on Friday when her saddle came loose and she fell to the ground, temporarily knocking her unconscious. (The event: Gambler’s Choice. The name of the horse: Radio City. She was wearing some sort of undisclosed Halloween costume.) According to her publicist, she walked out “on her own accord” and only went to the hospital when she realized that her back really hurt. They diagnosed her with a fracture in her spine, and she’s now “resting comfortably.”

Even though she broke her back and lost her marbles, this was not the worst injury she’s suffered on the job.

Check out this quote, unearthed by Politico’s Maggie Haberman, that Georgina gave Page Six Magazine two years ago:

Um, and everyone’s worried about football?

Bloomberg concerned about injured daughter [Maggie Haberman/Politico]
NYC mayor’s daughter, 27, hurt in equestrian event [AP via WP]