Goldman Threatens to ‘Declaw’ Party-Boy Partner Kimball


When Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein issued a directive to employees to not “be seen living high on the hog” in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Rich Kimball said screw it: He needed to get his groove back after divorcing Manny authoress Holly Peterson, and he needed to do it with pool parties full of topless chicks, and he was not going to be stopped. “Rick is a fun party guy, and anyone who is 45 and gets divorced is trying to meet new people and have fun,” a friend told the Post today in his defense. “I don’t think what he’s doing is a crime.” But Goldman Sachs thinks otherwise: Sources tell the Post that Kimball risks being “declawed,” which the paper takes to mean “would strip him of his power and status and leave him partner in name only,” but which in reality means being stripped naked and relieved of your fingernails by a cackling Lucas van Praag.

Goldman party honcho Richard Kimball Jr. forced out of bachelor pad [NYP]