Gwyneth Paltrow Bleeds for Her Art


A lot of people think Gwyneth Paltrow leads a charmed life. A suspiciously charmed life. Born into privilege, she swiftly acquired an Oscar, a hot successful husband, two cute kids, and her pick of movie roles. She never gains weight, unless it is on purpose. And she can even sing! But there is one thing in life that did not come easily to Gwyneth, she told Entertainment Weekly: playing guitar for her role in Country Strong. She had to, like, practice and stuff:

"I played all the time, and my hands were bleeding and cramping. It sucked.

"I cried, like, five times at various points over the four months. It's really f**king hard. It's much harder than it looks."

Sweat and tears. Hope you appreciate it, public.

Paltrow's Hands Were 'Bleeding' After Guitar Lessons [IMDB]