Hawaii to Pass Same-Sex Civil Unions?


Hawaii’s governor-elect Neil Abercrombie said he’d sign into law legislation granting same-sex civil unions, if passed by the legislature. The state House and Senate retained the Democratic majorities that approved a civil-unions bill earlier this year, before it was vetoed by now-ousted Republican governor Linda Lingle. If the legislation goes into effect, Hawaii would be the sixth state to grant essentially the same rights of marriage to same-sex couples without authorizing marriage itself, as there’s still a law banning same-sex marriage in Hawaii. “I remain optimistic, but I would never want to call any shots until the final vote is taken,” said Majority Leader Blake Oshiro. So, gay people, we’re about thismuchcloser to fully realizing some peoples’ dreams of running away to Hawaii with a suitable lover, never to be heard from again.

Hawaii positioned to pass same-sex civil unions [WP via Jezebel]