Police Prevent Hipsters From Breaking Each Other’s Faces/Helping the Children


This past weekend, police apparently broke up a party in an empty building on the Lower East Side where around 1,000 people had congregated for a super-secret underground boxing event, according to the website The Feast. Among the people “frantically b-lining through a cloud of weed smoke toward the one door in the four-floor walkup,” a tipster told the website, were some “ridiculously hot girls … strung out looking model types” along with some “tatted up dudes … who would probably be labeled d-bags if they weren’t so good-looking too.” Good thing it was broken up, otherwise think what could have happened to those pretty faces! Oh, except, this illegally held weed-infused glorification of violence was apparently being held to benefit the children, according to the invite sent out from Hamid Johannes, a “designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist” and an organizer of the event. “We’d like to take this rare opportunity to raise money for BUDY T / WHOLE Health NYC, a grassroots youth and wellness program created by Johannes to educate children and teens about the benefits of healthy living habits pertaining to exercise and nutrition,” the invite read. “Any donation will be appreciated.”

There is a Secret Underground Boxing Club on the LES [The Feast]