Historian Niall Ferguson Hates Being Around People


He enjoys his own children and likes reading Dickens "because I know I'm clearly in the company of a genius" (which is more than the financial historian can say for Paul Krugman, obviously). But other than that, humans basically disgust him. "I'm one of the most antisocial people you'll ever meet," Ferguson tells the Journal. "I'm not at all gregarious and have a real horror of cocktail parties." However, there is one place that he can tolerate the masses and that is in New York City:

I do occasionally go to a nice restaurant at the weekend and there's an amazing Asian-fusion restaurant in New York called Buddakan. I love the food there and the ambience is very New York.

That's like saying the Epcot Center's China Pavilion is a lot like Beijing, but okay, at least he feels comfortable somewhere.

Routine Has Become History for Niall Ferguson [WSJ]