How Dancing With the Stars Foreshadows the 2012 Election


According to a producer for Dancing With the Stars, it’s possible that tea party viewers keep sparing Bristol Palin from elimination by neutralizing her terrible judges’ scores with their dedicated voting. (It doesn’t hurt that Palin pandered to them by wearing a tea party T-shirt in a recent episode.) It strikes us that this presages what could very well happen in the 2012 Republican primary, except Bristol Palin will be Sarah Palin, and the “judges” will be the vast majority of Americans who don’t think she’s qualified to be president. The tea partiers will remain the tea partiers in both scenarios, propelling a Palin to unwarranted success through their sheer, insurmountable zealousness. If Bristol wins this season of Dancing With the Stars, it’s time to start worrying.

Bristol Palin Survives `Dancing’ Elimination Round With Help of Tea Party [Bloomberg]