How Magazines Really Work, From a Disgruntled Designer’s Perspective


A few members of the Bloomberg Businessweek design team put together what might be our favorite infographic. We learned so much about the inner workings of our print brethen! For example, did you know that on a Condé Nast masthead, “Sleeping With the Boss” is two rungs above “Does All the Work, Gets No Credit, Tells Everyone About It”? (“Token Minority” is wedged somewhere in between.) The sheet also gives a glimpse into the “Favored Coital Configuration of Magazine Workers” — fashion editors like “being watched,” natch. There’s also a helpful time line identifying where exactly in the production cycle one might expect to find the “Dicking Around” phase. Honestly, the amount of entertainment they squeezed onto a single page makes us think they’re right about words being “page clutter to be eliminated.”

Magazine Designer’s Guide To Magazine [Stack America]