In Which George W. Bush Mistook His Housekeeper for His Mom


In her ongoing quest to edge out her husband for title of the Greatest Old, Barbara Bush, who is pro-choice, took the opportunity of her sit-down with Larry King to clarify the small matter of why she put the fetus from her miscarriage in a jar and then showed it to her son — an act that Bush, the younger, cites in his memoir as the reason he turned pro-life. Bush explained to King that it was actually Paola, the housekeeper, who placed it in the jar and showed it to her teenage son. Good heavens, Larry! It was not in the library! You see Paola took the damn thing. I mean, don’t even ask me how. No, really, how, because we’re a bit confused. Also left unanswered is the question of why she gave her son “special permission” to include a false anecdote. But perhaps the answer lies at the end of the segment. King asks Bush, “You had differing opinions on pro-life, though, did you not?” “I don’t remember,” she says without skipping a beat. Ah, yes, sometimes the memory, it fades.

Barbara Bush On Her Miscarriage And The Fetus In A Jar [TPMTV via Buzzfeed]