Adorable Things This Holiday Season, Part One


So, this is really happening: After going apple-picking recently, very handsome movie star Jake Gyllenhaal (who, Movieline will have you know, did not go full-frontal in Love and Other Drugs) and very pretty pop star Taylor Swift have decided that, yes, they would like to be the most adorable celebrity couple in the world this holiday season. People reports that the two were spotted on a date at Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope, Brooklyn, sharing maple-flavored lattes, the kinds made with real Vermont syrup and foam shaped into little leaves and everything, on Thanksgiving. “They were really sweet, really really sweet,” said a top-secret source at the coffee shop, adding that none of the Brooklynites bothered the duo, and the two tipped well. And this in a season, which officially kicked off yesterday, statistically proven to have the highest number of breakups! By extension, though, this season may also have the highest frequency of cheating, rebounds, and strange new couplings, like the one pictured. So, happy holidays.

Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Share Thanksgiving Maple Lattes [People]