Now You Can Own Bernie Madoff’s Old Crap


Last year’s auction of the possessions of Bernie and Ruth Madoff “was heavy on glitz, with pricey watches and jewelry making up most of the auction lot,” as The Wall Street Journal writes today. But the second auction, being held online this Saturday and open to the public, includes items that everyone owns whether or not they’ve ever run a Ponzi scheme: chairs, shoes, kitchenware, and the like. Some of it is still pretty swanky, though. There’s a Steinway piano and a diamond the size of Andre the Giant’s pituitary gland, for example. All of the proceeds go toward a good cause — compensating, ever so slightly, the victims of Madoff’s avarice — so whether you’re looking for some collectible Madoff items to show off to friends or maybe just a good deal on a couch whose previous owner you couldn’t care less about, check out a sampling of what’s for sale.