Man Blows Off Feds, Law & Order Style


You know how on Law & Order, people whom the cops suspect of being accessories to crimes often mouth off to the officials who show up at their door? Like “‘I ain’t seen nothin’. I mind my own business.’ [Door slam.]” We always thought that would never happen in real life — cops are so intimidating, and they have guns! But John Kinnucan, a principal at Broadband Research, did just that when the feds showed up at his house to ask him to rat out fellow hedge-fund and mutual-fund traders as part of their massive insider-trading probe. “They said they were going to arrest me, but said, ‘We think you can help us,’” he told the Journal, adding that he told the agents he wanted to get a lawyer, and that they told him if he didn’t cooperate, “there will be trouble.” But Kinnucan held fast. He later sent an e-mail to the clients the FBI named as targets, recounting his experience in a dramatic fashion.

Ballsy. And he’s not even from New York!

FBI Visit Exposes Trade-Probe Tactics [WSJ]