Martha Stewart Is Going to Become a Grandmother


Martha Stewart is a person who is constantly making things like cookies and mittens and funny faces out of dried-up apples. For this reason, it’s often easy to forget that she is not surrounded by dozens of grandchildren at all times. After all, who the hell is she doing all this crafting for, anyway? But in reality, the domestic diva has a very small family, mostly just her daughter, Alexis — who has literally made a career out of making fun of her mother. (Martha’s had boyfriends here and there — notably Sir Anthony Hopkins, whom she dumped after seeing the movie The Silence of the Lambs too many times. Seriously.) Thankfully, though, today we learn that Martha’s going to be a grandmother for real! After years of struggling with in vitro treatments, Alexis has finally opted to use a surrogate to give birth to a child. “Martha is fully supportive,” a source tells “Page Six.” Presumably, by “supportive” she meant, “I have 1,400 pairs of baby shoes that over the years I’ve fashioned out of decorative holiday gourds, so get the fuck ready.” This is going to be the most tricked-out baby ever.

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