Maybe Having an Air Conditioner Fall on Your Head From Six Stories Up Might Not Be So Bad After All


Two months ago we heard the harrowing tale of Anthony Franseze, who was loitering outside his former building when an air conditioner fell six stories, bounced off a cloth awning, and landed on his head. This real-life horror fantasy sparked our commenters into a flurry of admissions about their own worst New York City nightmares. However, it seems that for Franseze, he might come out of this story vastly better off financially than he came in. His lawyers claim that, while in the hospital recovering from the terrifying blow, he went into a coma and suffered a heart attack. Franseze, who landlords claim was a troublesome illegal squatter who heard voices in Chinese and Vietnamese and from outer space, had been evicted from the building. Now he’s filed a lawsuit against his former landlords for $21 million, claiming that the air conditioner was not installed according to legal requirements. According to a citation by the Buildings Department, Franzese’s right. $21 million worth of right? We’ll see.

Evicted veteran, sues ex-landlords for $21M after improperly secured AC falls 6 stories, hits him [NYDN]