MTA: Seriously, the F Train Isn’t As Bad As It Was


Around this time last year, the MTA announced that it had finally figured out what was wrong with the damn F train and that it was going to take steps to improve service on the much-loathed line. Now they’ve issued a progress report, and there is good news: More trains are running, and more of them are running on time. The whole line is made up of new high-tech cars that last nearly four times as long as the old ones. Part of this year’s success can be attributed to the elimination of the V line (which screwed up F service on the Lower East Side) and the rerouting of the M line, which fixed up clogs in the same neighborhood. In fact, in a year when MTA service regularity in general declined, the F train showed marked improvement. But don’t worry, weekend shutdowns of the line are scheduled through 2011, so it’s still your old F train!

Finally a Passing Grade for the F Train [City Room/NYT]