New Yorkers Have Approximately One More Month to Get Drunk on Four Loko


Makers of the “blackout in a can” have agreed to stop shipping it to New York by November 19, and the state’s biggest beer distributors agreed to stop delivering the drink, and other caffeinated alcoholic beverages, to New York retailers by December 10. After that, shop owners found selling Four Loko without proof it was ordered by the deadline will be fined, so it’ll only be available in very sketchy underground markets. Senator Chuck Schumer, who called for the action, said he favored an outright ban but called the move “a giant step forward in keeping our kids safe from these dangerous brews.” That’s only about four more weeks, guys, so let the Four Loko parties begin.

Beer distributors, Four Loko manufacturer, will halt shipping of caffeinated, alcoholic drink to NY [NYDN]