No More Drug Testing for Kristin Davis, Not That She Cares


When former madam and recent gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis ended her three-month prison sentence for promoting prostitution in October of 2008, she still had five years of probation to look forward to. But her probation came to an abrupt and early end today thanks to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber. Over the past two years, Davis says in a statement on her website, she had to check in with her probation officer weekly, attend “over 70 sex offender therapy sessions,” and submit to random drug tests. For someone who just ran on the Anti-Prohibition Party line with a platform that called for legalizing marijuana — indeed, someone whose campaign logo was a marijuana leaf — we assumed that last responsibility was particularly burdensome for her. But Davis tells us in an e-mail that, actually, she doesn’t even smoke.

Instead, she says, she’s looking forward more to “lobby[ing] our legislature to vote homo + pass a marriage equality bill.”