Now Every Jet Flying at Sunset Is a ‘Missile Scare’


Not long after we witnessed the mysterious Montauk Monster back in summer 2008 (was it really so long ago?), there was a period of monster hysteria, in which beachgoers across the country began to claim that they, too, had spotted junior varsity Monties washed up on their own shores. Now, after the debunking of the so-called Los Angeles missile launch story, the media has decided to post pictures and footage of every plane with a contrail flying at night, attempting to claim their own missile scare. According to the Post, Queens had one. According to CBS 2, so did Manhattan. Apparently, all the pundit hysteria over the original “missile scare” (handily mocked in these clips from last night’s Daily Show) was just too juicy to resist. Because why not terrify viewers when you have the option of doing so?