Oprah Might Move to New JerSEEEEEEEEEY!


You guys, The Oprah is thinking of buying a house right next door to New York. The queen of talk has been shopping for palatial estates houses in northern New Jersey, even though her new television network is set to be launched in Los Angeles next year. She’s visited castles with moats and everything homes in Snedens Landing and also in the very tony village of Alpine, New Jersey. The latter was named the most expensive Zip code in the country by Forbes magazine last year. (This year it was ranked fourth, behind three California towns and just before the West Village.)

That means the cluster of magnificent citadels housing stock in the area is right up Ope’s alley, particularly the former Frick estate that she visited with her team. This particular chateau of cash mansion features a carriage house, English gardens, a library, ballroom, movie theater, tennis court, saline pool, and nineteen bedrooms (but only twelve bathrooms. Weak!). At 30,300 square feet and $68 million, this purchase would be even bigger and more expensive than her legendary home in Montecito, California, which she bought for $55 million in 2001 and is less than half the size. Nice work, New Jersey! Way to pour on the kind of crass gaudiness that attracts only celebrities and Russian oligarchs charm!