JPMorgan Executive Denies He’s Leaving Because He Is Jealous of Jamie Dimon


You can be smart. You can be bold. You can be sexy. But when you're in the presence of a man as famously full of lip, lustrous of mane, and charmingly magnetic as JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, a man whose light shines so brightly it eclipses all others around him, well, you're only ever going to play a supporting role. No one knows this better than Duff McDonald, author of Dimon biography Last Man Standing, which is why he asked JPMorgan's Steve Black the following question after news broke of the vice-chairman and former co-head of investment banking's impending departure:

Coverage of JPMorgan tends to be all Jamie, all the time. That must have been frustrating, especially in light of the success you and Bill had. Was it?

After careful consideration, a tear wiped from his eye, Black choked out an answer.

Jamie has got some unbelievable strengths and is as good as anybody in the industry. When the outside world puts an individual like him on a pedestal and thinks that he's the only person at the company who has any ability, sure, it can be a little frustrating. But that's not the way Jamie acts. It's not Jamie's fault and it's not because he governs that way.

But to be honest? Yeah. Jan Brady knows what he's talking about.

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