Politics Is Seth Meyers’s Porn


At the launch party for new culture website Naag.com the other night, Seth Meyers talked about his web-surfing habits. “How much time do I spend online every day? It’s probably an embarrassingly high number, but I’ll say two hours,” the “Weekend Update” anchor said. He wouldn’t divulge how much online porn he consumes — yes, we asked, repeatedly — but he finally offered: “Here’s the deal, I’m really into politics, so probably, like, to me, that’s my pornography. Reading about, like, the Nevada Senate race, that’s as hardcore porn as you get.” His favorite “porn” sites? “Slate, Salon, New York Times, Wall Street Journal.” But he’s not all business all the time; Meyers says he likes Pitchfork, the New Yorker site, and even NYMag.com. Aw, that’s sweet. What about us is so awesome? Do tell! “I like the layout.” [Ed: Sigh.] Oh. Does the “Weekend Update” anchor think there are any voids on the crowded World Wide Web? “I think we need more snap judgments, like, we need more people instantly processing their opinions on things,” he said. “And I think we need less things that are fact-checked.”