Radio Talk-Show Host Who Says Crazy Things Will Not Be a Congressional Chief of Staff


Joyce Kaufman is the type of radio talk-show host who carries a .357 Magnum and raised her profile this past campaign season by appearing at tea-party rallies and introducing candidate Allen West, who won last Tuesday and will represent a district in South Florida. The host, who says things like “if ballots don’t work, bullets will,” was somehow made his chief of staff.

But not for long. Earlier this afternoon, a day after 300 South Florida schools were shut down after somebody wrote to Kaufman saying “something big was going to happen” and indicated that a man with a gun was going to open fire soon, she let it be known that she she had decided against life as a BlackBerry-toting staffer on the Hill. She blamed the liberal media. “I will not be complicit in this effort to diminish his stature in attacks against me or endanger myself or others by serving as his chief,” she said.

Lockdown causes radio host to quit US House job [AP via WP]