Rahm Emanuel Has the Worst Tenant Ever


In most cases, you do what you can to stay on your landlord’s good side. If you want the opportunity to renew your lease, if you want your apartment’s problems to be remedied promptly, and if you want a box of apples for Christmas, which might just be a thing our former Korean landlords used to do, then it would behoove you to work on building a relationship based on courtesy and respect. Whatever you do, the No. 1 rule in maintaining a cordial relationship with your landlord is that if he runs for mayor, do not run against him. Apparently nobody has told this to Rob Halpin, the cigar-smoking businessman to whom Rahm Emanuel rented his house in Chicago when he moved to Washington in 2008.

Not only has Halpin refused to break his lease early and allow Emanuel to move back in, but now he’s among the twenty people to file as candidates for the Chicago mayoral race. Since both Emanuel and Halpin will claim the same address, Halpin’s candidacy could cause even more residency-requirement headaches for Emanuel. No apples for you this Christmas, Rob Halpin.

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