Republican Pat Toomey (Apparently) Wins Pennsylvania Senate Race

Joe Sestak, not a Senator Photo: Wiki

Toomey was the former Congressman whose looming primary campaign against Arlen Specter drove him out of the Republican Party, and Democrats had invested a lot in Rep. Joe Sestak, his opponent. As of 12:20 A.M., Fox News and The New York Times had called it for him, but MSNBC was still holding off. It's unclear if it will be close enough for a recount.

Even though it looks like the Democrats will hold onto the Senate, Toomey's victory is bad news for them. Unions went all-out for Sestak, who was surging in recent days, and Toomey is a hard-right economic conservative who previously served as the President of the Club for Growth, a supply-side political shop that made the life of raging left-wingers like Mike Huckabee difficult during the 2008 primary.

Pat Toomey holds off Joe Sestak for Senate seat in Pennsylvania [LAT]