Republican Pat Toomey (Apparently) Wins Pennsylvania Senate Race


Toomey was the former Congressman whose looming primary campaign against Arlen Specter drove him out of the Republican Party, and Democrats had invested a lot in Rep. Joe Sestak, his opponent. As of 12:20 A.M., Fox News and The New York Times had called it for him, but MSNBC was still holding off. It’s unclear if it will be close enough for a recount.

Even though it looks like the Democrats will hold onto the Senate, Toomey’s victory is bad news for them. Unions went all-out for Sestak, who was surging in recent days, and Toomey is a hard-right economic conservative who previously served as the President of the Club for Growth, a supply-side political shop that made the life of raging left-wingers like Mike Huckabee difficult during the 2008 primary.

Pat Toomey holds off Joe Sestak for Senate seat in Pennsylvania [LAT]