Talk Box: Ann Coulter Outmaneuvered by Fox Legal Analyst in TSA Debate


The outcry over TSA body scans spilled over to the cable-news shows last night with Glenn Beck suggesting we look to the Israeli model and TSA chief John Pistole making it clear that “Muslim garb” won’t get you a free pass at the checkpoint. The most entertaining clip of the night occurred when Ann Coulter debated conservative Peter Johnson Jr. on Hannity, and, as the kids say, got herself pwned when she couldn’t satisfy Johnson’s request to come up with an alternative to the invasive screenings and pat-downs that could be implemented immediately. It became clear that Coulter had been thrown way off her game by Johnson’s interruptions when she requested that host Sean Hannity cut Johnson’s mike. Hannity, of course, did no such thing and the segment concluded with a defeated Coulter declaring that she’ll never appear on the air with the Fox News legal analyst ever again.