Talk Box: Glenn Beck Warns GOP ‘Boys Club’ of Whig-Like Extinction


Politico’s article about anonymous GOP bigwigs freaking out over the prospect of Sarah Palin snagging the party’s nomination for president in 2012 was too much fun for the cable-news talkers to resist. Last night, Hardball’s Chris Matthews tried to get possible unnamed source presidential contender Haley Barbour to let him know what time the next “boys’ club” meeting starts, and Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough wanted everyone to know that he has an unnamed conservative source, too, and his guy thinks Palin will destroy the party’s chances with educated voters in the future. Over at Fox News, Glenn Beck threatened Scarborough’s elitist Republican friends with Whig-like extinction if they don’t toe the tea-party line, and Sarah Palin told Bill O’Reilly that America needs far-right candidates to balance out “far-left liberal policies that have been adopted,” although she almost draws the line at Carl Paladino. Watch our compilation to see what you missed