Talk Box: Rand Paul Stays Vague About Spending Cuts, Gets Testy With Spitzer


Tea party tidal waver Rand Paul is doing the talk shows again but he’s staying mum about what parts of the budget he will focus on cutting when he arrives in the Senate. Last night, when Parker Spitzer’s Eliot Spitzer aggressively pressed for some specific cuts, Paul would only propose repealing health-care reform and recovering TARP money, but he did promise to return and go over each item with Spitzer in January. An aggravated Paul turned media critic, telling Spitzer that he felt the CNN host’s personal agenda was hurting his effectiveness as a broadcaster, and then ending the interview. Over at The Ed Show, Bob Shrum reports that his Republican friends are saying that Rand Paul can forget about repealing health care, and unsuspended Keith Olbermann and The Nation’s Chris Hayes discuss the National Review’s recent piece about how Rand Paul might already be selling out his tea party friends. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.