Talk Box: Sarah Palin’s Freedom Cookies Debunked


Sarah Palin’s crusade against the Pennsylvania Board of Education and their upcoming vote on new guidelines that would limit the number of sweets allowed in classrooms was mocked by the Morning Joe crew, calling the episode “Cookiegate,” and debunked by Rachel Maddow, who dismissed Palin’s theatrics as a lame publicity stunt. Of course, any talk of nanny states is sure to lead to a little San Francisco bashing on The O’Reilly Factor, and last night Bill didn’t disappoint. Here he is, attempting to convince an amused Alicia Menendez that the liberal bastion’s ban on Happy Meals is wrong and that he’s got no problem with McDonald’s using toys to convince children to buy their “crap” since it doesn’t affect him the same way secondhand smoke does. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.