Talk Box: U.S. Foreign Policy Damaged Itself Long Before WikiLeaks


While we all await the next “megaleak” about a big bad bank, the cable-news folks will probably still be wading through Julian Assange’s extra-gossipy data dump and discussing its effects on U.S. foreign policy. Last night on MSNBC, Sam Seder of The Majority Report said that he thinks of WikiLeaks as a natural byproduct of the Bush administration’s willingness to invade Iraq based on a lie and Team Obama’s failure to do anything about it, adding that it’s simply a case of “reap what you sow.” Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings echoed Seder’s thoughts, saying he believes America’s done more damage to its own foreign policy over the last ten years than WikiLeaks could, even if they “published a hundred-thousand documents a day for the next twenty years.” Over on Larry King Live, Bob Woodward predicted the government will take the same kind of action against Assange as it did with Daniel Ellsberg while fretting over what could be leaked next, and wrapping things up is Glenn Beck, who utilizes his trusty chalkboard to boil everything the whole thing down to one man — George Soros!