TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington Taints the Jury Pool


Back in September, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington stayed mum when his frenemy Jason Calacanis celebrated the news that AOL was buying the tech blog with a string of tweets like, “Even though @arrington screwed me out of TC50 I’m happy for him. He can get therapy, lose 80 pounds & start treating people with respect now.” Give this man his own Underminer column! But now that Calacanis is threatening to sue TechCrunch for part of the proceeds from the AOL sale, Arrington decided to air all his dirty, allegation-stained laundry in a blog post titled “At My Wits End,” citing the blog’s “longstanding policy” to post every threat. At the heart of the matter is a soured deal to run a tech conference together that ended in 2009. After prefacing the story by saying “somehow, I still consider him a friend,” Arrington divulges that Calacanis spread false rumors of drug use, got too drunk to show up on time, and was abusive to the point of bringing one of Arrington’s employees to tears. The post comes across as a reasonable man’s very reasonable attempt to deal with an out-of-control, moody egomaniac. But it’s not like Arrington, who has a history of inspiring people to hurl expletives at him, is quite as mild-mannered as the blog post makes him out to be. Can we make a plea to see the rest of this feud played out on Twitter? Because that’s sort of what it was made for.

At My Wit’s End: Jason Calacanis Threatens To Sue Us [TechCrunch]
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