Homophobic Assistant Attorney General Tells the Daily Show He’s Being Harassed by Crazy People


The Daily Show has been on the air for eleven years, fourteen if you count the Kilborn years. At this point, guests should know what they’re getting into. So why would Andrew Shirvell, currently on personal leave from his job as Michigan assistant attorney general, think it was a good idea to let Jason Jones interview him about cyber-bullying? Oh, probably for the same reason he thought it was a good idea to start a blog devoted to harassing gay University of Michigan student-body president Chris Armstrong. Or, as Jones describes it, “Just a 30-year-old man’s blog with post after post after post about one single college kid, exposing how he’s a privileged pervert … and gay … and some sort of gay Nazi.” Before his next big television interview — Shirvell’s already made the rounds on AC360° — he might want to familiarize himself with Michigan’s definition of cyber-bullying. Oh — and the right pronunciation of the word “dia-matte-rically.”

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