The Flatiron District and Union Square Are Crawling With Venture Capitalists


The power lunch is not the sole province of established New York industries like media and finance. But rather than rubbing dinosaur elbows with print types at Michael’s or trying not to look directly at Jamie Dimon’s pillowy lips at the Grill Room at The Four Seasons, the city’s newly crowned emperors of tech seem to prefer to congregate a little further downtown. Charlie O’Donnell, First Round Capital’s man in New York, mapped out the 25 spots where you’re likely to run into a venture capitalist at lunchtime. Union Square Venture’s Fred Wilson, the godfather of tech investing in New York City, has described O’Donnell, First Round’s entrepreneur-in-residence, as someone “who makes it a practice to be everywhere something interesting is happening,” so the man knows of what he speaks. By and large, the VCs prefer to eat where they work, which means the corridor around Park Avenue South, from Union Square to the low 30s. Inventors of the next Foursquare or Gilt Groupe, start making reservations.

A Dinevore list that can get you funded: Where do New York VCs eat? [This Is Going To Be Big via Business Insider]