This Could Be New York’s New Taxi


Behold, the cab you’ll be riding in for the next decade, maybe. Last year the Taxi and Limousine Commission, in an effort to customize and standardize its varied fleet of taxis, sought designs from automakers for a so-called Taxi of Tomorrow. Ford, Nissan, and Karsan were chosen as the three finalists, and the winner will have exclusive rights to produce the city’s taxis for the next ten years. The details of their proposals haven’t been released yet, but for now you can at least check out what their car would look like. The model from Karsan stuck out for us in particular for its distinctive rear-facing seat. On the one hand, it would make taxi rides more social by sparing one passenger from lonely exile in the front seat. On the other hand, in this new configuration, he or she may throw up on everybody. So it’s kind of a wash.

Would you sit in the rear-facing seat? What if you were drunk?