This Is How Bill and Hillary Discuss Dinner Options


If I were to say to him, as I have on many occasions, ‘What shall we have for dinner tonight?’ If he says to me, ‘Oh, I don’t care; you choose,’ I know that’s a really bad answer, because then I’m stuck with the responsibility. So I will come back and I’ll say, ‘All right. Well, so how do you feel about Chinese or Mexican or Italian?’ And if he says a second time, ‘I really, really don’t care,’ then I will go choose. Now, contrarily, if he says to me, ‘What do you want for dinner tonight,’ I will say, ‘What do you want?’ Then he’ll go, ‘Well, I was thinking of maybe picking up some Thai.’ And if I’m in a good humor, I’ll say, ‘That’s fine.’ But if I am feeling not enthusiastic about Thai, I’ll say, ‘Well, maybe we should consider something else.’ And he’ll say, ‘Well, then you choose.’” —Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explains to Australian radio hosts how she and Bill decide what to eat for dinner. [State Department]