Two Thirds of Monthly Magazines Have More Ad Pages Than Last Year


Ninety-nine out of the roughly 150 monthlies monitored by the Media Industry Newsletter sold more ad pages so far this year than they did by this time last year, a heartening number. And it looks like fashion magazines are doing the best: Vogue has claimed the most ad page gains so far, having recovered from a particularly bad year last year, when, for the first time, Elle outsold it in the ad-page race. This year Vogue sold 320 more ad pages than last year, whereas Harper’s Bazaar sold 269 more, and Elle, which stayed afloat better than its rivals last year, still gained 190. Other magazines in the top ten of ad-sales improvements included Marie Claire, Real Simple, InStyle, and Parenting.

Monthlies’ +4.22% Year-End Ad Pages Improve In A Still-Fragile Economy [MIN via Cutline]