US News to Shut Down Print Operations


According to a memo just sent out by editor Brian Kelly, US News will put its semi-regular print edition to rest at long last and transition to “a predominantly digital publishing model with selected, single-topic print issues.” It sounds a bit like what happened to the Christian Science Monitor — a good-faith effort to keep an outlet alive and growing online. “The December issue will be our last print monthly sent to subscribers, whose remaining print and digital replica subscriptions will be filled by other publishers,” Kelly told staffers. “Going forward, our non-subscription print offerings will be for newsstand sale and targeted distribution. They’ll include the college and grad guides, as well as hospital and personal finance guides. In addition, we’ll publish four other newsstand special editions, focusing on history, religion and some of the other subjects that have been a success for us in the past.” So don’t worry, kids! Those all-important statistic-based college rankings are going to stick around. (Sorry, Brown.)

US News: ‘December issue will be our last printed monthly sent to subscribers’ [Romenesko]