Virgin America Pilot Marries Gay Couple As Plane Flies Over Canada


Most passengers interviewed by were asleep during the nuptials between two men on Virgin America Flight 28 yesterday, but were alerted to the happy event afterward by a flight attendant’s announcement. Upon hearing the news that the pilot had wed the couple while in Canadian airspace (where gay marriage is legal), the plane burst into a round of applause. This raises some questions, however: Was this planned? And if so, what kind of gay people decide, “The place to get married is definitely somewhere where there’s no flowers and all the food is slippery!” And if it was not planned, what kind of gay people would think, “Hey, the in-flight movie’s over, why don’t I ask this guy next to me to get hitched?” (Actually, we know the answer to that: Dudes who just watched The Proposal and got all hot and weepy. Both at the end, and during the nude scene featuring Ryan Reynolds.)

Gay couple reportedly ties the knot on commercial flight [MSNBC]