Wife of SAC Capital Executive Caves to Cops


Employees of the highly secretive Connecticut hedge fund and their kin usually strictly adhere to the first rule of Steve Cohen's SAC Capital: You do not talk about SAC Capital. Not to anyone, not ever. But last week, Janie Konidaris, the wife of Jason Konidaris, the company's global head of syndicate, slipped up and caved to cops who showed up in her yard in New Canaan asking questions. Here's what went down, according to the Stamford Advocate:

Police responded to a report of a helicopter crash on the cul-de-sac of Beacon Hill Lane at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20. The responding officer found no evidence of a crash, but saw Konidaris and her children standing in their front yard. The officer asked her about a possible crash and she denied seeing a helicopter or a crash. The officer then continued checking the area and questioned the Konidarises again. Upon further questioning, she admitted that a helicopter had landed to pick up her husband, adding that there was no crash.

Guess we know who's getting dunked in the shark tank this year.

Unauthorized helicopter lands in New Canaan [Stamford Advocate via Dealbreaker]